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Industrial and Commercial Concrete

W.J. Rapp Company is widely known and recognized in the Richmond area as industrial and commercial concrete specialists. We handle all types of concrete construction and repair. Concrete foundations, walls and slabs are the backbone upon which you build. Anything less than top quality workmanship threatens the stability of the structure. Whether you’re preparing to add to your space and need footings and slabs, or if you’ve experienced a failure in an existing slab, we have the expertise to handle the project.

Some of the industrial and commercial concrete services we can provide include:

Slabs and Foundations

Footings and Piers

Containment Curbs

Equipment Pads

Concrete Pits and Retaining Walls

Floor Repairs

General Contracting

W.J. Rapp Company is a Class A general contractor, licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We perform a wide variety of jobs, ranging from renovation of existing office spaces to new construction. Our crews perform all concrete work in-house and we utilize our outstanding preferred partner sub-contractors for much of the additional work, including HVAC, electrical, ceiling, floor and wall tile, among other services.

Some of the general contracting projects we can do include:

Office and Bathroom Renovations

Masonry – sheetrock, drywall, brick

Electrical – energy efficient systems, re-wiring interior and exterior

Floor, wall and ceiling coverings – acoustical, tile, epoxy

ADA Modifications – ramps, sidewalks, parking lots

Window and Glass Work

Plant Services

W.J. Rapp Company provides a variety of plant services to a number of industries including power generation, recycling facilities, food service, rail and automotive transportation, textile, fuel production and more. We work closely with plant managers and maintenance technicians to make sure the solutions we provide fit the needs of the plant in an affordable way that minimizes disruption.

Some of the plant services we provide include:

Pits, sumps and trenches – installation and repair

Steel work – handrails, stairs, platforms, mezzanines, etc.

Fire Proofing and Protection

Specialty Coatings and Epoxy

Concrete Demolition, Installation and Repair – floors, equipment and housekeeping pads, specialty applications

Sitework, Demolition and Excavation

W.J. Rapp Company excels at specialty sitework, demolition and excavation. Utilizing our fleet of electrical and propane powered equipment, we can excavate and demo inside a variety of facilities without contaminating the environment or shutting down production. We leave our job sites, regardless of work being done, clean and ready for use.


W.J. Rapp Company provides hauling and disposal services to fit a variety of needs. Utilizing our range of equipment, we are able to haul away and dispose of concrete, asphalt, contaminated dirt, trash and construction debris. We also provide hauling of stone, dirt, sand and other materials to job sites for a variety of needs.


In order to best serve our customers, W.J. Rapp takes pride in being up-to-date on technological changes in the industry and ensuring our equipment stays on the cutting edge. Our shop includes a complete fleet of electrically-powered equipment – concrete saws, core drills and excavators – as well as various pieces of propane and diesel-powered equipment – concrete saws, trowel machines and excavators. Our equipment allows us to tackle a wide variety of jobs, including jobs that require access through small entryways, dust-free environments and power sources provided by the contractor.


Mack tractor with 53′ lowboy

International tractor with 28’ dump trailer

Tandem axle dump truc

Single axle dump trucks

International crew cab tool trucks

Ford crew cab pickups

Excavation Equipment

410JX Backhoe with 1000 lb. demo hammer

450JLT Dozer

320D Skid loaders with 750 lb. demo hammer

329D Track skid loader

75D Excavator with 1200 lb. demo hammer

35D Mini excavators with 750 lb. demo hammer (Minex exhaust)


14’ Trailer

16’ Trailer

30’ Trailer

28’ Dump trailer

53’ Lowboy

Scissor Lifts

20’ Scissor Lift

30’ Scissor Lift


Concrete Floor Saw – 35Hp (propane plus Minex exhaust system)

Concrete Floor Saw – 65Hp

Hydraulic Bandsaw

Partner Saw

Hydraulic Chain Saw

Quickie Saw

Drills & Hammers

Hilti TE-75

Hilti TE-90

Chipping Hammer

Core Drill

Miscellaneous Equipment

Asphalt Roller

Plate Compactor

Jumping Jack Compactor


Portable Welder (propane)*

Mig Welder

Cutting Torches

Trowel Machine (propane)*

SDS Machine

Harley Rake


 Pressure Washer

Concrete Mixer (propane)*

Floor Grinder

Water Vacuum

Concrete Vibrator

Epoxy Mixer


Grout Pump

Space Heater

Water Pump

Air Blowers


Rebar Bender

Rebar Cutter


Snow Plows

10,000 lb. All Terrain Lull(Gradall)

Air Compressor (Diesel)