At W.J.Rapp we have over 40 years experience in Concrete Construction, Repair, Excavation and Demolition.

We provide Emergency Services and General Construction Services. We serve Virginia, Maryland, D.C. and surrounding states. We own many special pieces of construction equipment to work in contamination areas, food service areas, and process plants. We do work such as: specialty concrete work, foundations, poured in place walls, concrete sawing, dam repairs, and large and small slab work, even drainage work and fire line excavation and repair. We serve the following industries: motels, hospitals, recycling, manufacturing, transportation, food service areas, tobacco, airport and automotive, government facilities and military bases. We are widely known through the greater Richmond, Virginia area as concrete specialist serving commercial as well as residential needs. Find out how we can help you and …

“Together we can Achieve the Extraordinary”

WJ Rapp