Who do people call in Richmond, Virginia if they need a special concrete floor constructed? W. J. Rapp of course!


W.J Rapp has the equipment, people and training to provide demolition of the old floor, which can be a big deal. Manufacturers, food processing companies, chemical & power companies and others call W.J. Rapp because of their experience. They have equipment in house that can provide unique benefits such as: electric equipment that was used in a food preparation area during off hours that emit no fumes.

W.J. Rapp’s equipment includes saws and excavation equipment that is all electric, which is critical to work in a food area safely. In addition, W.J. Rapp has a portable generator that can run this unique equipment so if you do not have electricity close by we can still complete the work!


W.J Rapp prides itself on having a great depth of equipment, not only does the firm have electric equipment but they have equipment that runs on propane as well as gas. Often, they have multiple pieces of the same equipment assuring deadlines are met and often can provide additional capabilities to work the hours you need not just 8-5. W.J Rapp has the equipment to self perform your job.

Our People

Our concrete equipment does set us apart but the talent and training of our people provide the real solutions. They will listen closely to what you need. Carefully review the requirements of your construction team or engineering firm and perform to your exacting specifications. W.J. Rapp has installed hundreds of specialty concrete floors, so they have relationships with concrete suppliers and work closely with them to provide environmental context that can make the job go smoother. They not only make sure you get exactly the concrete floor your team specified but meet the unique challenges of your schedule. W. J. Rapp works closely with the concrete supplier to get the concrete made to your specifications and they install the floor with unique characteristics like:

  1. High strength traffic ready in 8 hours
  2. Additives to prevent corrosion
  3. Silica fume for denser concrete and wearability
  4. Metal fibers for heavy traffic areas

Give W.J. Rapp a call when you need a concrete floor that can handle a new heavy piece of equipment in your manufacturing facility or need a concrete floor removed in your food preparation area and you need someone with the right equipment to meet your tight deadline and safety requirements. Or, you are a chemical company that needs a concrete contractor that can remove your old floor and replace it with a concreate floor that has a specialty finish. Whatever your new concrete floor requirements, give W.J. Rapp a call. They are ready to get started!