Replaced Concrete Floor and Kept Food Processing Plant Running!

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Food Processing plant located in a rural area of the state wanted to replace a floor in one of the processing areas. This area was located in a center location of the facility, which posed a challenge because the longest shutdown they have is 4 days, which is not enough time to remove and replace 3,000 square feet.

The 2nd challenge with this project is access to the site is thru processing which means no materials or equipment could enter the work expect on Sunday the only day the plant is down. A plan was put together with the owner and W.J.Rapp to secure the work area and provided positive pressure in the work area to allow us to work inside the contained work area during the week. All equipment had to be electric, like the concrete saws and excavator and forklifts. We provided our power from our own special generator, which was built and wired to run multiple types of equipment.

The plan was to saw cut the floor during the week and remove on Sunday. Upon completion of floor removal we installed all new plumbing materials inside the work area on a Sunday to allow that phase be done during the week again inside the contained positive pressure work area.

Concrete for this project will be placed on Sunday. One major challenge with this project was we had maintain our schedule regardless of what was not counted for because if we missed one Sunday we would lose a week in our schedule.