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W.J. Rapp keeps up on the latest equipment in the construction industry.

Training on New EquipmentAnyone who has ever tried to perform a construction job knows that the right equipment and tools are a key component of success. W. J. Rapp constantly upgrades equipment and training for their employees. Often manufacturers come in and demonstrate their equipment to our construction team. On this day, Hilti brought in new equipment that helps solve dust issues on the job. Hilti is manufacturer of tools that help make jobs faster, safer and more productive. They make terrific construction equipment tools known for their performance. W. J. Rapp believes that the proper tools translate into jobs that are performed on time, on budget and of the highest quality. On this day, dust management was the focus of the training. Vacuum cleaners to help make your job a dust-less environment were featured. In addition, dust management systems for saws and other tools were demonstrated.

Afterwards everyone enjoyed a lunch and we were filled with knowledge of the latest equipment from Hilti. This investment in training for our people continues to reap benefits for our clients. So the next time you have a concrete construction job give us a call. You will have highly trained people who are equipped properly to perform your job as requested.

Center Trench Drain – Performed while plant continued to run

Chemical resistant fiberglass drain B 7-11-16 Chemical resistant fiberglass drain 7-11-16This is a factory that we pulled 185’ x 40’ slab inside the building out and installed a new floor with center trench drain to carry fluids for process with a fiberglass floor on top to keep area clean. We removed the floor while plant continued to run, installed new chemical resistant fiberglass drain, new epoxy coated floor.

Portable Bridge Installation

This old bridge needed replacement.



W.J. Rapp Co. Inc. was asked to reposition the bridge, and stabize it using oak timbers. They also built crushed-rock entrance and exit ramps to the bridge.





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Crushed rock was used by W.J. Rapp to build entrance and exit ramps to the portable bridge. The steel ramp structures were left in place to help stabilize the crushed rock for heavy truck traffic.