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W. J. Rapp is always investing in new equipment, tools and training.

W.J. Rapp Company, Inc. stands by its motto: Together we achieve the extraordinary.

This video highlights some of the equipment we have that sets us apart from other General Contractors.

We have invested in new saws & vacuums that help meet Osha requirements in the elimination of silica dust.

WJ Rapp has invested in an electric excavator that allows us to work in areas that others can not.

We have many other pieces of electric equipment such as a new electric fork lift and a new generator that is designed to provide power if none is available on the job site.

In addition, to electric equipment we have propane saws and water and air dirt removal systems that allow you to dig without the risk of cutting a utility line.

We also have a deep bench of excavating equipment, dump trucks, service trucks and fork lifts.

W.J. Rapp even has our own shop which allows us to make modifications and assure our equipment is in tip top shape.

Give W. J. Rapp a call when you need someone who has the equipment to keep your job on schedule.



A church needed a concrete parking deck repair and W.J. Rapp was part the team that provided the solution.

12. W.J. Rapp Concrete Finishing

12. W.J. Rapp Concrete Finishing

A local church had a parking deck that needed repairs. Richmond Primoid was brought in to make various structural repairs to parking deck. In addition, 6,000 sq.ft. of parking deck area had to be removed and replaced with new concrete. Expectations were high and several goals were set and then met.

  • Total project needed to be complete in 90 days.

Richmond Primoid and W.J. Rapp teamed up to meet this challenge.

  • Second Floor 6,000 sq. ft. area of concrete had to be removed and replaced.

This required the removal of all underside electrical and fire protection.

This also required design of steel support for the front wall of the existing building to support the wall and building before floor could be removed.

Entire underside of the second floor was scaffold.

The upper floor was cut into pieces that could be carried out to dumpster.

Headroom was only 7 feet tall which limited access.

  • Steel beams Removed and Replace

Upon removal of the floor, deteriorated encased steel beams had to be removed and installed where needed.

R.S. Harritan provided structural steel work to allow the concrete steel beams to be incorporated into a new structural slab.

  • New Concrete Slab

The slab was poured with a 5,000 psi mix that was reached in 7 days.

The concrete had a corrosive additive added.

  • Meet limited time frame and access demands

Due to the location of placing concrete…. trucks and a pump truck the pour had to take place on a Saturday morning at 5:30 a.m.

Upon completion of the pour and after the 7 days break shoring was remove.

Upon completion of the pour and after the 7 day break shoring was removed and restoration fo the electrical and fire Protection.

The photos below document the work at different stages of completion. This was a significant amount of concrete. Over 300 yards of concrete were removed and replaced to complete this important parking deck repair. If your parking lot needs concrete repair W.J. Rapp has the experience, the equipment and the knowledge to help you get your job done correctly.

  1. Reinforced steel in place prior to concrete placement
  2. Concrete pumper is used to pump the concrete
  3. Concrete air-entraining test
  4. W.J. Rapp set up with their own dumpster to contain the clean-out concrete debris
  5. Concrete truck discharges load into the concrete pumper
  6. Concrete taken from the first truck to be tested
  7. Photo shows the team of W.J. Rapp team performing the placement of the concrete.
  8. Concrete as it comes off the truck.
  9. On-site testing agent making cylinders for testing the compression strength of the concrete.
  10. W.J. Rapp worker adjusting the slab reinforcing
  11. W.J. Rapp finishing the concrete
  12. More finishing

So if you have a concrete parking lot that needs repair or any other commercial concrete work give W.J. Rapp a call. They are known all over Richmond, Virginia for their quality work and extensive equipment capabilities.

1-Reinforced Steel for Concrete Floor

1-Reinforced Steel for Concrete Floor

2-Concrete Pump 64

2-Concrete Pump

3-Concrete air-entraining test

3-Concrete air-entraining test

4-W.J.Rapp Dumpster for Concrete Debris

4-W.J. Rapp Dumpster for Concrete Debris


5- Concrete tuck Discharges load into the concrete pumper

5- Concrete truck Discharges load into the concrete pumper

6-Concrete is sent off for testing

6- Concrete is sent off for testing

7-Concrete Placement by the W. J. Rapp team

7- Concrete Placement by the W. J. Rapp team

8- Concrete Coming off the truck

8- Concrete Coming off the truck

9-Owners on site testing agent testing concrete

9-Owners on site testing agent testing concrete

10. Adjusting the Slab Reinforcing of the concrete

10. Adjusting the slab reinforcing of the concrete

11. Concrete Finishing

11. Concrete Finishing

12. W.J. Rapp Concrete Finishing

12. W.J. Rapp Concrete Finishing