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Who do you call for Concrete Repair In Richmond?

W.J. Rapp of course!

The severe cold weather in Richmond, Virginia caused major problems such as: main water lines breaking, electric outages and lack of heat. Many offices, construction projects and major infrastructure systems had damage. Richmond is not used to cold weather that lingers below 32 degrees for over a week. This extreme cold may have caused problems in aging infrastructure and may force early repairs that were not budgeted but have now been raised to a higher priority.

What causes damage to concrete in cold weather?

a. Salt and chemicals can delaminate concrete surfaces

b. Salt that is placed on concrete and remains there for long periods of time

c. Salt that is placed on concrete and washes down and collects in one location can turn concrete into sand and aggregate.

Helpful Hints:

To obtain traction on concrete use sand or kitty litter

Snow blowers can be an effective way of moving snow from pavement surfaces.

New concret that is poured during the winter should never be poured on frozen ground.

Concrete that is poured in low temperatures should be covered with blankets and remain covered until outside temperatures are above freezing and rising in consecutive days.


Here are a few examples that W. J. Rapp can help you solve as part of your team:

Cracks in Foundations & Walls

Due to this severe weather a foundation may suddenly show cracks that were not there before, because of the age and condition of the concrete. The soil expands and contracts and could produce such a result. Fortunately, W. J. Rapp has the expert team who can fix your office, manufacturing facility or other concrete wall or foundation challenges. W. J. Rapp has been repairing concrete for decades in the Richmond area. Call us we can work around your schedule as well. We know how important it is to keep your equipment and operation running.

Drainage Issues

Another issue that may become apparent because of this severe weather is ”Drainage Issues”.

The snow, then freezing, then rain is a combination that may reveal drainage problems that needto be resolved. Standing water in this weather becomes a major problem when it freezes. It may cause cracks in the concrete or simply a slippery condition that is unsafe. W. J. Rapp has experience in dealing with drainage issues. Often we have redone or built new French drains and other types of drains for customers per their engineering specifications. Give us a call we can tackle these problems together. Drainage is a big deal and we have the team to help solve those issues.

Construction Repair

W. J. Rapp has a broad range of services that can help you get through unplanned construction challenges. Pouring concrete in different types of weather is challenging and you need a concrete contractor who can advise you on the best approach and how to get the best Job for your project.

So if you have a wall, concrete drive, a pad or something that has been damaged because of severe weather, age or any other reason give us a call.

“ Together we can achieve the Extraordinary”



Church Parking Garage- Testimonial

12. W.J. Rapp Concrete Finishing

The Project: Church Parking Garage (Click here to see the project)

The Background:
W.J. Rapp recently worked on a parking garage for a local church.
It was a tremendous team effort. Below is the letter from the client and it demonstrates how when a strong team comes together they can provide a great product! “ Together we can Achieve the Extraordinary”

The Team:
Dunbar Milby Williams Pittman & Vaughan
Richmond Primoid
W.J. Rapp Company

“The selection of  W. J. Rapp Co., Inc. to do the demolition and pouring of the new slab was a good choice by Richmond Primoid. “

Linda, Property Manager


Dear Kenny,
I wanted to take this time to let you know how much the church appreciates the work that was done on our extensive garage renovation. From the very beginning I had a good feeling about this job and the contractors that were awarded this project.

Bob Smith handling the drawings and your participation in all of the meetings that we had concerning this project, with all of the many different sub-contractors, were always done on time with the greatest care to make sure the church received the best job possible.

I was so happy when Richmond Primoid was awarded the bid and selected to be the main contractor because I have worked with this firm on many different occasions and knew they would take care to give the church a quality job. The selection of W. J. Rapp Co., Inc. to do the demolition and pouring of the new slab was a good choice by Richmond Primoid. The day of the slab being poured I was so amazed to see all of the chief officers of their companies there at 5:00 am to oversee this work.

Bob Smith from your company was first one on site and remained through the entire day’s activities.

Richmond Primoid selected a good project manager, Wes Coston, and he made sure to always ask what we wanted and then explained and answered my many questions about the work detail.

We could not have been happier about the way this renovation progressed. We set the goals and deadlines and they were all achieved. I have done many major projects in my 20 years at the church but found this one to be without a doubt one of our finest.

Please accept our thanks for a job well done and pass along our thanks to all of the many companies that were involved in this project. I look forward to working with your firm again and will indeed call on you when we need a consultant or a structural engineering firm.

Hope you have a good holiday season.



W. J. Rapp is always investing in new equipment, tools and training.

W.J. Rapp Company, Inc. stands by its motto: Together we achieve the extraordinary.

This video highlights some of the equipment we have that sets us apart from other General Contractors.

We have invested in new saws & vacuums that help meet Osha requirements in the elimination of silica dust.

WJ Rapp has invested in an electric excavator that allows us to work in areas that others can not.

We have many other pieces of electric equipment such as a new electric fork lift and a new generator that is designed to provide power if none is available on the job site.

In addition, to electric equipment we have propane saws and water and air dirt removal systems that allow you to dig without the risk of cutting a utility line.

We also have a deep bench of excavating equipment, dump trucks, service trucks and fork lifts.

W.J. Rapp even has our own shop which allows us to make modifications and assure our equipment is in tip top shape.

Give W. J. Rapp a call when you need someone who has the equipment to keep your job on schedule.



General Construction

ConcreteRepairAug2013 003W. J. Rapp Co. is a Class “A” general contractor, licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We perform a wide variety of jobs, ranging from renovation of existing office spaces to new construction. Our own crews perform 90% of all work “in-house”. Anything that we don’t offer as an “in-house” service, we handle through a network of highly capable subcontractors. Our equipment is the most sophisticated in the industry and is owned and maintained by us. When a top quality crew or piece of equipment is needed to perform your project— we can deliver.



Training & Safety

W. J. Rapp is known for performing a wide variety of task in the construction industry and our people are well trained. We continue to invest in the latest equipment but we also invest in our people. We put together teams or crews of people who not only work well together but provide a learning environment that can teach new workers and provide a path for growth.

We are also very aware of safety. We are constantly looking for ways to prevent hazardous or safety issues and continually provide safety goggles, helmets, gloves, steel toed boots, and any other personal protective equipment that may be needed.   We strive to make them aware of hazards and solutions that keep them safe.

Many of the large company’s we work for require our workers to go through training. Often this training includes safety and then a separate training that is site specific.


Examples of site-specific training may include simple requirements such as:

Vehicle speed limits, no cell phones while driving, and back-up equipment safety requirements. They may also educate and train workers on requirements like: Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and other safety or reporting requirements.


Safety Training can include a wide variety of items but here are just a few.

  1. First -Aid & CPR- Many of our clients offer and require basic First-Aid and CPR training.
  1. Falls- areas that they can trip, slip, or fall down.

The job site must be neat and clean with dangerous objects and construction

debris are constantly removed from a job site for safety. Stairways should

have treads and eliminate slippery conditions.

  1. Trenches – Trench collapses are a common hazard on a job site.

Trenches have specific requirements. If they are over 4 feet deep we are often required to get specific safety equipment and have individuals we work with who provide specific recommendations to trench safety. We work closely with your team to meet your requirements.


  1. Equipment training (Forklifts, Scissor Lifts, Etc.)

W.J. Rapp has trusted vendors who bring in equipment for our employees to

learn how to properly work the equipment and continually operate with

safety in mind. Our employees learn firsthand how to operate the following:

Fork Lifts                    Dump Trucks

Excavators                 Scissor Lifts

Back hoes                   Boom lifts

W. J. Rapp is committed to keeping our workers safe. We know our clients want our workers to perform their job safely and efficiently and training is a big part of meeting that goal. If you have specific safety requirements please make us aware up front. We know it is important to you and we want to make sure we have workers properly scheduled for that training and can meet your timelines.




W.J. Rapp General Contractor and Concrete Construction Specialist

W. J. Rapp Co. is widely known and recognized in the Richmond area as concrete specialists. We handle all types of concrete construction and repair. Concrete foundations, walls and slabs are the backbone upon which you build your physical plant. Anything less than top quality workmanship threatens the stability of your facility. Whether you’re preparing to add to your space and need footings and slabs, or if you’ve experienced a failure in an existing slab, we have the expertise to handle the project. W.J. Rapp has propane operated equipment that reduces engine noise and is safe for interior construction projects. W. J. Rapp Co. is a Class “A” general contractor, licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We perform a wide variety of jobs, ranging from renovation of existing office spaces to new construction. Our own crews perform 90% of all work “in-house”. Anything that we don’t offer as an “in-house” service, we handle through a network of highly capable subcontractors. Our equipment is the most sophisticated in the industry and is owned and maintained by us. When a top quality crew or piece of equipment is needed to perform your project— we can deliver.

To learn more about us….click the video below.

How to choose a concrete contractor in Richmond, Virginia.

What is the concrete project you need?

  1. Foundation –New & Repair
  2. Manufacturing Facility Specialty Concrete Floor- New & Repair
  3. Chemical Plant – Specialty Concrete Floor
  4. Power Generation Facility- New & Repair
  5. Concrete Containment Walls

Once you have determined your project ask for examples of this type of work.

W.J. Rapp is experienced in a wide variety of concrete projects. W. J. Rapp has experienced teams of experts that can provide new concrete foundations, floors and specialty concrete jobs that meet your engineer’s specifications.

Bring us your engineered drawings & plans. Based on the type of work, we can demonstrate our experience with previous work we have done in that area. We have 100’s if not 1,000’ s of jobs we have completed.

How long has the concrete contractor been in business?

W. J. Rapp has been in business for decades. We are one of the most experienced concrete contractors in Richmond. We have self performed a wide variety of commercial and residential work. We can work closely with your engineering or architectural firm to find a solution for your required application.

Does the concrete contractor provide regular training to their employees?

W. J. Rapp prides itself on providing top notch customer service. One of the ways it does that is by constantly providing training for its employees. Many are crossed trained on different types of equipment and are proud of the quality of work they perform.

Does your concrete contractor have the equipment they need?

W. J. Rapp has an extensive fleet of equipment and multiple units of equipment that is consistently used. The familiar light yellow trucks are the sign of a team of experts equipped with the latest in tools and the absolute leading equipment in the industry. As an example, we were one of the few that had propane saws and equipment to perform inside. Now we have electric saws, & excavators to perform inside a food grade facility.

Does your concrete contractor have the proper insurance?

W. J. Rapp has insurance.

Does the concrete contractor stand behind their work?

Quality and experience is a key to any successful building project and most reputable contractors stand behind their work. At W.J. Rapp we stand behind our work.

Ask your concrete contractor for references

Ask for current references. At W.J. Rapp we will be able to give you a list of people to call who we performed similar work . We are happy to provide references and our goal is to make you a future reference.



Electric Concrete Saw and Excavator allow us to work where others can’t!

Our electric equipment like this Husqvarna FS 3500e floor saw with a 20″ blade and a 7.625″ cutting depth allows us to work in areas that other contractors can’t. Examples include food service, hospitals and any interior space that you are concerned about air quality. We always look for new equipment that will help us perform for you. Call us when you need work that is under a tight timeline, or you need custom work by professionals that can deliver the work based on your expectations.


WJ Rapp Electric Digger











This is a total electric mini excavator that can work inside of hospitals, and facilities with no contamination (100% electric)

Replacing Manhole ladder rungs at Dominion Power

W.J.Rapp specializes in the unique and challenging work at Power Plants. In this example, ladder rungs that needed to be replaced in a tunnel entrance were part of the challenge. Also, there were cracks in the overhead concrete that needed to be repaired. Power Companies are mission critical infrastructure and we are proud to be a part of this industry. Call us if you need concrete work of all types. We have the experience, equipment and dedicated people to self perform.

Picture 1- Replacing Manhole ladder rungs at Dominion Power

Picture 2- Repaired Overhead Concrete in Dominion Recirculation Tunnel

Pictujre 3-Overhead Concrete Repair in Recirculation Tunnel at Dominion Power


Picture 1 Replaced Entranced Ladder in concrete tunnel


Picture 2 Overhead concrete repair of tunnel


Picture 3 Overhead removal of old concrete