W.J. Rapp Company

With more than 40 years in the field as a commercial and industrial general contractor, W.J. Rapp Company, Inc. stands by its motto: Together we achieve the extraordinary. The company has built a reputation in central Virginia for high-quality work, peak performance on the job and ethical dealings with customers. Working across Richmond’s varied business landscape, as well as other areas of Virginia and out of state locations, W.J. Rapp Company provides support, maintenance, and general contracting services. These services are offered to government facilities, military bases, recycling facilities, hospitals, motels, transportation providers, food processors, airports, communications companies, manufacturers, banks, as well as retail and automotive firms.

W.J. Rapp Company’s client list includes Fortune 500 companies such as Kraft, DuPont, Altria, and Dominion Virginia Power. We also perform construction services for the Federal Reserve Bank, Ukrop’s Super Markets, small businesses and the residential market. While the company has been involved in high visibility jobs in the region, “We’re not often what you’ll see,” says Dennis Rapp, president and owner. “But a lot of what you see is built on what we do.”

Building a Reputation

Already having more than 15 years experience in the construction business, W.J. Rapp Jr. began running a small concrete contracting operation out of his apartment when he founded the company in 1969. Since then, the company has grown steadily. “People came to know my work and to trust me,” says Rapp, who is still involved in the business.

Rapp turned the operation of the company over to his son Dennis in 1978, who then bought the business in 1986. During that period, W.J. Rapp Company expanded, taking on more commercial projects. In 1988, the company moved into its current office located in a heavily industrialized area of Richmond, south of the James River near Interstate 95. This location has proved to be a good one, readily accessible to many clients.

Quick and Dependable

Today, quick response and dependable, quality work are the hallmarks of W.J. Rapp Company. By owning and maintaining its own equipment, the company is able to offer quality control, modify equipment, and provide filtering and cleaning systems to fit clients’ needs for specialized uses. This is particularly important when working in food services, drug processing, and other areas.

W. J. Rapp Company also works in fields like plant maintenance, emergency services, renovations, general commercial construction, building additions, conversions, demolition, and concrete installation.

People Solving Problems

With a core of skilled workers, W. J. Rapp Company is known for flexibility and creativity in solving problems. “People who work here share responsibilities,” says Dennis Rapp. “If they’re not a team player, they don’t stay here. Fortunately, we have a knowledgeable staff that has been with the company for many years.”

For W. J. Rapp Company, Richmond has provided a stable environment with a diverse client base that the business fits into well. “We’re a small enough business that we don’t have rigid guidelines,” says Rapp. “We can make adjustments to meet our clients’ needs, and we’re big enough and have the technology and equipment we need to handle the larger jobs and almost any job on short notice. We can make things happen.”