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Concrete-Oil Terminal Repairs


Concrete PitConcrete Pit RepairConcrete Pit Repaired




Pipeline underground of railroad tracks built 50 years ago with wooden timber.

Timbers failed.

The challenge…

How to protect the pipelines without having to remove them and shutdown the terminal.

Vic truck was used to remove mud and sludge from 50 years of work. Install new gravel base and sump pit.

Install slab over area with turndown so new concrete walls could be cast in place leaving old wooden timbers in place.

This allowed terminal to continue normal operations and production.

The end result…. a new long lasting containment area and safe work conditions.

Structural Concrete

W.J. Rapp Concrete Structure RepairW.J. Rapp performs structure pump base and grouting for Columbia Gas in remote location. Picture indicates concrete stress cracks and base plate deterioration. Finish pictures show foundation base that is repaired (brought back to life without replacement).

Sprinkling Systems Fire Line Repairs

WJ Rapp Sprinkling1W.J. Rapp works with one of the local Fire Sprinkler Companies providing concrete removal and excavation inside of factories and food processing plants.

This type of work takes electric, propane and equipment with exhaust cleaning apparatuses that can work in the parameters of the food business, medical and tobacco.


WJ Rapp Sprinkling2

Specialized Trench Food Facility

WJ Rapp Specialized1

Specialized Construction Work, Trench Drain

W.J. Rapp provided and installed custom made trench drains for soy sauce factory in Richmond, Virginia. The soy sauce had eaten the existing metal and plastic trench drains. We were able to provide new fiberglass trench drains with continuous slope in 20’ sections allowing fewer seams and less cleaning issues. We also provided fiberglass grating and fiberglass angle which will never have to be replaced again.


WJ Rapp Specialized2

WJ Rapp Specialized3 WJ Ramp Specialized4

Private Pool Concrete Repair Work

WJ Rapp Private Pool RepairWJ Rapp Private Pool 2W.J. Rapp, with its long history of providing various types of repairs, has been able to repair pool decks and match existing exposed aggregate to older exposed aggregate with accurate and satisfying results for many customers.

Mine-X Exhaust Systems

WJRapp Mine-XTake equipment inside building where others can’t because of unique specialized exhaust system on the engine.

W.J. Rapp has specialized equipment with Mine-X Exhaust System for working in small confined spaces. We were able to double the square footage of usable space in this basement area by removing the soils/underpinning the existing foundation and pouring a new slab.