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Replacing Manhole ladder rungs at Dominion Power

W.J.Rapp specializes in the unique and challenging work at Power Plants. In this example, ladder rungs that needed to be replaced in a tunnel entrance were part of the challenge. Also, there were cracks in the overhead concrete that needed to be repaired. Power Companies are mission critical infrastructure and we are proud to be a part of this industry. Call us if you need concrete work of all types. We have the experience, equipment and dedicated people to self perform.

Picture 1- Replacing Manhole ladder rungs at Dominion Power

Picture 2- Repaired Overhead Concrete in Dominion Recirculation Tunnel

Pictujre 3-Overhead Concrete Repair in Recirculation Tunnel at Dominion Power


Picture 1 Replaced Entranced Ladder in concrete tunnel


Picture 2 Overhead concrete repair of tunnel


Picture 3 Overhead removal of old concrete

Portable Bridge Installation

This old bridge needed replacement.



W.J. Rapp Co. Inc. was asked to reposition the bridge, and stabize it using oak timbers. They also built crushed-rock entrance and exit ramps to the bridge.





Slide6 Slide7


Crushed rock was used by W.J. Rapp to build entrance and exit ramps to the portable bridge. The steel ramp structures were left in place to help stabilize the crushed rock for heavy truck traffic.


Foundation Repair

W.J. Rapp has a very long history serving the chemical industry. We excavate duct banks for electrical lines and for underground piping. We also install fire lines. We install concrete tanks for secondary containment. We also install anti-corrosive coatings for surface protection. We install trench drains for new construction and rehabilitation of existing structures.