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Center Trench Drain – Performed while plant continued to run

Chemical resistant fiberglass drain B 7-11-16 Chemical resistant fiberglass drain 7-11-16This is a factory that we pulled 185’ x 40’ slab inside the building out and installed a new floor with center trench drain to carry fluids for process with a fiberglass floor on top to keep area clean. We removed the floor while plant continued to run, installed new chemical resistant fiberglass drain, new epoxy coated floor.

Portable Bridge Installation

This old bridge needed replacement.



W.J. Rapp Co. Inc. was asked to reposition the bridge, and stabize it using oak timbers. They also built crushed-rock entrance and exit ramps to the bridge.





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Crushed rock was used by W.J. Rapp to build entrance and exit ramps to the portable bridge. The steel ramp structures were left in place to help stabilize the crushed rock for heavy truck traffic.


New Foundation for a Packaging Machine built in Germany

Dom Packaging 4-1-14 press 6 #6 WebThis is a new foundation for a machine built in Germany that has never been built before or installed anywhere in the United States. We had to assist the owner in design and execution of this project. The support of the plates into the new 3′ thick concrete was a challenge the design team know what they wanted but could tell us how to do the install because it never had been done. We designed a steel support system that allowed us to span the opening and adjust the plates so that they would be perfectly level prior to the pour and after the pour.


Dom Packaging 4-1-14 press 6 #9 Web


W.J. Rapp is in the process of installing a new press foundation.

Press  concrete foundationW.J. Rapp is in the process of installing a new press foundation. This new unit will be approximately 180’ long x 12’ wide with a depth of 2’ to 4’ with #7 rebar. This foundation will also have two 8” x 24” I beams flush with floor for unit to set on.

This is another location of a manufacture that we used the mine-exhaust equipment to remove existing slab and install new 24” and 48” thick foundation inside of building. This equipment allows us to work without interrupting the operation of the customer.

Structural Concrete

W.J. Rapp Concrete Structure RepairW.J. Rapp performs structure pump base and grouting for Columbia Gas in remote location. Picture indicates concrete stress cracks and base plate deterioration. Finish pictures show foundation base that is repaired (brought back to life without replacement).

Sprinkling Systems Fire Line Repairs

WJ Rapp Sprinkling1W.J. Rapp works with one of the local Fire Sprinkler Companies providing concrete removal and excavation inside of factories and food processing plants.

This type of work takes electric, propane and equipment with exhaust cleaning apparatuses that can work in the parameters of the food business, medical and tobacco.


WJ Rapp Sprinkling2

Specialized Trench Food Facility

WJ Rapp Specialized1

Specialized Construction Work, Trench Drain

W.J. Rapp provided and installed custom made trench drains for soy sauce factory in Richmond, Virginia. The soy sauce had eaten the existing metal and plastic trench drains. We were able to provide new fiberglass trench drains with continuous slope in 20’ sections allowing fewer seams and less cleaning issues. We also provided fiberglass grating and fiberglass angle which will never have to be replaced again.


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