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New Foundation for a Packaging Machine built in Germany

Dom Packaging 4-1-14 press 6 #6 WebThis is a new foundation for a machine built in Germany that has never been built before or installed anywhere in the United States. We had to assist the owner in design and execution of this project. The support of the plates into the new 3′ thick concrete was a challenge the design team know what they wanted but could tell us how to do the install because it never had been done. We designed a steel support system that allowed us to span the opening and adjust the plates so that they would be perfectly level prior to the pour and after the pour.


Dom Packaging 4-1-14 press 6 #9 Web


Structural Concrete

W.J. Rapp Concrete Structure RepairW.J. Rapp performs structure pump base and grouting for Columbia Gas in remote location. Picture indicates concrete stress cracks and base plate deterioration. Finish pictures show foundation base that is repaired (brought back to life without replacement).

Sprinkling Systems Fire Line Repairs

WJ Rapp Sprinkling1W.J. Rapp works with one of the local Fire Sprinkler Companies providing concrete removal and excavation inside of factories and food processing plants.

This type of work takes electric, propane and equipment with exhaust cleaning apparatuses that can work in the parameters of the food business, medical and tobacco.


WJ Rapp Sprinkling2

Private Pool Concrete Repair Work

WJ Rapp Private Pool RepairWJ Rapp Private Pool 2W.J. Rapp, with its long history of providing various types of repairs, has been able to repair pool decks and match existing exposed aggregate to older exposed aggregate with accurate and satisfying results for many customers.

Mine-X Exhaust Systems

WJRapp Mine-XTake equipment inside building where others can’t because of unique specialized exhaust system on the engine.

W.J. Rapp has specialized equipment with Mine-X Exhaust System for working in small confined spaces. We were able to double the square footage of usable space in this basement area by removing the soils/underpinning the existing foundation and pouring a new slab.

Bridge Manufacturer – Pit Construction, Sandblasting Pit

W.J. Rapp, working with a bridge manufacturer, was able to install new sandblasting pit system that allowed the new bridge sections to ride through a structure that sandblasted the new steel in one automated path. Before the bridge sections were done in smaller pieces and by hand.

Boat Landing

WJ Rapp Boat Ramps Concrete

W.J. Rapp performs installation of new boat landing ramp below water grade with Crofton Contracting in remote area.

Crofton excavated and provided shoring to hold back river to allow W.J. Rapp to install new concrete ramp. Upon completion, shoring was removed and new boat landing into river was complete.


WJ Rapp Boat Ramp