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Who do you call for Concrete Repair In Richmond?

W.J. Rapp of course!

The severe cold weather in Richmond, Virginia caused major problems such as: main water lines breaking, electric outages and lack of heat. Many offices, construction projects and major infrastructure systems had damage. Richmond is not used to cold weather that lingers below 32 degrees for over a week. This extreme cold may have caused problems in aging infrastructure and may force early repairs that were not budgeted but have now been raised to a higher priority.

What causes damage to concrete in cold weather?

a. Salt and chemicals can delaminate concrete surfaces

b. Salt that is placed on concrete and remains there for long periods of time

c. Salt that is placed on concrete and washes down and collects in one location can turn concrete into sand and aggregate.

Helpful Hints:

To obtain traction on concrete use sand or kitty litter

Snow blowers can be an effective way of moving snow from pavement surfaces.

New concret that is poured during the winter should never be poured on frozen ground.

Concrete that is poured in low temperatures should be covered with blankets and remain covered until outside temperatures are above freezing and rising in consecutive days.


Here are a few examples that W. J. Rapp can help you solve as part of your team:

Cracks in Foundations & Walls

Due to this severe weather a foundation may suddenly show cracks that were not there before, because of the age and condition of the concrete. The soil expands and contracts and could produce such a result. Fortunately, W. J. Rapp has the expert team who can fix your office, manufacturing facility or other concrete wall or foundation challenges. W. J. Rapp has been repairing concrete for decades in the Richmond area. Call us we can work around your schedule as well. We know how important it is to keep your equipment and operation running.

Drainage Issues

Another issue that may become apparent because of this severe weather is ”Drainage Issues”.

The snow, then freezing, then rain is a combination that may reveal drainage problems that needto be resolved. Standing water in this weather becomes a major problem when it freezes. It may cause cracks in the concrete or simply a slippery condition that is unsafe. W. J. Rapp has experience in dealing with drainage issues. Often we have redone or built new French drains and other types of drains for customers per their engineering specifications. Give us a call we can tackle these problems together. Drainage is a big deal and we have the team to help solve those issues.

Construction Repair

W. J. Rapp has a broad range of services that can help you get through unplanned construction challenges. Pouring concrete in different types of weather is challenging and you need a concrete contractor who can advise you on the best approach and how to get the best Job for your project.

So if you have a wall, concrete drive, a pad or something that has been damaged because of severe weather, age or any other reason give us a call.

“ Together we can achieve the Extraordinary”



A church needed a concrete parking deck repair and W.J. Rapp was part the team that provided the solution.

12. W.J. Rapp Concrete Finishing

12. W.J. Rapp Concrete Finishing

A local church had a parking deck that needed repairs. Richmond Primoid was brought in to make various structural repairs to parking deck. In addition, 6,000 sq.ft. of parking deck area had to be removed and replaced with new concrete. Expectations were high and several goals were set and then met.

  • Total project needed to be complete in 90 days.

Richmond Primoid and W.J. Rapp teamed up to meet this challenge.

  • Second Floor 6,000 sq. ft. area of concrete had to be removed and replaced.

This required the removal of all underside electrical and fire protection.

This also required design of steel support for the front wall of the existing building to support the wall and building before floor could be removed.

Entire underside of the second floor was scaffold.

The upper floor was cut into pieces that could be carried out to dumpster.

Headroom was only 7 feet tall which limited access.

  • Steel beams Removed and Replace

Upon removal of the floor, deteriorated encased steel beams had to be removed and installed where needed.

R.S. Harritan provided structural steel work to allow the concrete steel beams to be incorporated into a new structural slab.

  • New Concrete Slab

The slab was poured with a 5,000 psi mix that was reached in 7 days.

The concrete had a corrosive additive added.

  • Meet limited time frame and access demands

Due to the location of placing concrete…. trucks and a pump truck the pour had to take place on a Saturday morning at 5:30 a.m.

Upon completion of the pour and after the 7 days break shoring was remove.

Upon completion of the pour and after the 7 day break shoring was removed and restoration fo the electrical and fire Protection.

The photos below document the work at different stages of completion. This was a significant amount of concrete. Over 300 yards of concrete were removed and replaced to complete this important parking deck repair. If your parking lot needs concrete repair W.J. Rapp has the experience, the equipment and the knowledge to help you get your job done correctly.

  1. Reinforced steel in place prior to concrete placement
  2. Concrete pumper is used to pump the concrete
  3. Concrete air-entraining test
  4. W.J. Rapp set up with their own dumpster to contain the clean-out concrete debris
  5. Concrete truck discharges load into the concrete pumper
  6. Concrete taken from the first truck to be tested
  7. Photo shows the team of W.J. Rapp team performing the placement of the concrete.
  8. Concrete as it comes off the truck.
  9. On-site testing agent making cylinders for testing the compression strength of the concrete.
  10. W.J. Rapp worker adjusting the slab reinforcing
  11. W.J. Rapp finishing the concrete
  12. More finishing

So if you have a concrete parking lot that needs repair or any other commercial concrete work give W.J. Rapp a call. They are known all over Richmond, Virginia for their quality work and extensive equipment capabilities.

1-Reinforced Steel for Concrete Floor

1-Reinforced Steel for Concrete Floor

2-Concrete Pump 64

2-Concrete Pump

3-Concrete air-entraining test

3-Concrete air-entraining test

4-W.J.Rapp Dumpster for Concrete Debris

4-W.J. Rapp Dumpster for Concrete Debris


5- Concrete tuck Discharges load into the concrete pumper

5- Concrete truck Discharges load into the concrete pumper

6-Concrete is sent off for testing

6- Concrete is sent off for testing

7-Concrete Placement by the W. J. Rapp team

7- Concrete Placement by the W. J. Rapp team

8- Concrete Coming off the truck

8- Concrete Coming off the truck

9-Owners on site testing agent testing concrete

9-Owners on site testing agent testing concrete

10. Adjusting the Slab Reinforcing of the concrete

10. Adjusting the slab reinforcing of the concrete

11. Concrete Finishing

11. Concrete Finishing

12. W.J. Rapp Concrete Finishing

12. W.J. Rapp Concrete Finishing

Who do people call in Richmond, Virginia if they need a special concrete floor constructed? W. J. Rapp of course!


W.J Rapp has the equipment, people and training to provide demolition of the old floor, which can be a big deal. Manufacturers, food processing companies, chemical & power companies and others call W.J. Rapp because of their experience. They have equipment in house that can provide unique benefits such as: electric equipment that was used in a food preparation area during off hours that emit no fumes.

W.J. Rapp’s equipment includes saws and excavation equipment that is all electric, which is critical to work in a food area safely. In addition, W.J. Rapp has a portable generator that can run this unique equipment so if you do not have electricity close by we can still complete the work!


W.J Rapp prides itself on having a great depth of equipment, not only does the firm have electric equipment but they have equipment that runs on propane as well as gas. Often, they have multiple pieces of the same equipment assuring deadlines are met and often can provide additional capabilities to work the hours you need not just 8-5. W.J Rapp has the equipment to self perform your job.

Our People

Our concrete equipment does set us apart but the talent and training of our people provide the real solutions. They will listen closely to what you need. Carefully review the requirements of your construction team or engineering firm and perform to your exacting specifications. W.J. Rapp has installed hundreds of specialty concrete floors, so they have relationships with concrete suppliers and work closely with them to provide environmental context that can make the job go smoother. They not only make sure you get exactly the concrete floor your team specified but meet the unique challenges of your schedule. W. J. Rapp works closely with the concrete supplier to get the concrete made to your specifications and they install the floor with unique characteristics like:

  1. High strength traffic ready in 8 hours
  2. Additives to prevent corrosion
  3. Silica fume for denser concrete and wearability
  4. Metal fibers for heavy traffic areas

Give W.J. Rapp a call when you need a concrete floor that can handle a new heavy piece of equipment in your manufacturing facility or need a concrete floor removed in your food preparation area and you need someone with the right equipment to meet your tight deadline and safety requirements. Or, you are a chemical company that needs a concrete contractor that can remove your old floor and replace it with a concreate floor that has a specialty finish. Whatever your new concrete floor requirements, give W.J. Rapp a call. They are ready to get started!

Replaced Concrete Floor and Kept Food Processing Plant Running!

Food Processing 5270 Food Processing Concrete Repair25 Food Processing Concrete24 Food Processing Repair Warehouse26 Food Processing23 Concrete Repair 5271




























Food Processing plant located in a rural area of the state wanted to replace a floor in one of the processing areas. This area was located in a center location of the facility, which posed a challenge because the longest shutdown they have is 4 days, which is not enough time to remove and replace 3,000 square feet.

The 2nd challenge with this project is access to the site is thru processing which means no materials or equipment could enter the work expect on Sunday the only day the plant is down. A plan was put together with the owner and W.J.Rapp to secure the work area and provided positive pressure in the work area to allow us to work inside the contained work area during the week. All equipment had to be electric, like the concrete saws and excavator and forklifts. We provided our power from our own special generator, which was built and wired to run multiple types of equipment.

The plan was to saw cut the floor during the week and remove on Sunday. Upon completion of floor removal we installed all new plumbing materials inside the work area on a Sunday to allow that phase be done during the week again inside the contained positive pressure work area.

Concrete for this project will be placed on Sunday. One major challenge with this project was we had maintain our schedule regardless of what was not counted for because if we missed one Sunday we would lose a week in our schedule.

Concrete-Oil Terminal Repairs


Concrete PitConcrete Pit RepairConcrete Pit Repaired




Pipeline underground of railroad tracks built 50 years ago with wooden timber.

Timbers failed.

The challenge…

How to protect the pipelines without having to remove them and shutdown the terminal.

Vic truck was used to remove mud and sludge from 50 years of work. Install new gravel base and sump pit.

Install slab over area with turndown so new concrete walls could be cast in place leaving old wooden timbers in place.

This allowed terminal to continue normal operations and production.

The end result…. a new long lasting containment area and safe work conditions.

Dumpster run-off containment


dumpster-run-offDo to changing rules in the EPA. Companies have to continue to find ways to keep chemicals and oils from reaching soils. This is a concrete containment area, which was installed at a bearing manufacturing plant. The objective is to provide containment with easy access, a simple way to remove rain water, and keep area clean.

New Press Foundation

concrete-manufacturing-floor press-foundationThis is the installation of a new press foundation in-between two existing press machines. The objective was for the plant to be able to continue to operate during the construction phase. Specialized electric equipment was used to cut the concrete and excavate due to the working environment. The foundation was 3 feet in-between the two ends which were 5 foot thick with recesses and trenches for tracks. This machine also included 4 robot foundations.



W.J. Rapp was called in to university with a kitchen that the plumbing had failed in multiple areas.



W.J.Rapp was called in to a university with a kitchen that the plumbing had failed in multiple areas. We were given 48 hours to open 8 pilot holes to allow new plumbing to be pulled threw the old lines and reconnected. We then were given 48 hours to restore area so kitchen could get back into service. With the use of electric equipment we were able to perform this work cost effectively and on time.