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Historic Building Petersburg-the challenge was to make the repairs look old

Historic Petersburg Concrete Repair

526 High St Petersburg

This is a historic building in Petersburg that we just completed. The challenge was to make the repairs look old. That was a must be cause this building is being converted on historic tax credit basis. This is a good example of the various type of work we are able to perform due to the expertise of our multi talented associates.

ConcreteRepairAug2013 008 ConcreteRepairAug2013 007 ConcreteRepairAug2013 006 ConcreteRepairAug2013 005 ConcreteRepairAug2013 004 ConcreteRepairAug2013 003 ConcreteRepairAug2013 002 ConcreteRepairAug2013 001


Foundation for oil terminal in Roanoke

Concrete Foundation

We are in the process of installation foundations in Roanoke for butane.  This site also had soil issues’ required  additional excavation and soil stabilization prior to pouring concrete.

Project  is expected to be completed in 90 days.

Exacavation Exavation for Foundation Foundation Concrete Forming Foundation Concrete Structure Foundation Concrete Work Foundation Soil Stabilization for Concrete Foundation


New Press Foundation

Printing Foundation PreparationW.J. Rapp just completed a new foundation for a new 3 million dollar press in Richmond.

The work was a challenge. The owner had to keep the existing press less than 15′ away running at all times while the work was performed. This entailed using a dust enclosure that would allow access for us to work and not interfere with production work was completed in 3 weeks.




Printing Press Foundation