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How to choose a concrete contractor in Richmond, Virginia.

What is the concrete project you need?

  1. Foundation –New & Repair
  2. Manufacturing Facility Specialty Concrete Floor- New & Repair
  3. Chemical Plant – Specialty Concrete Floor
  4. Power Generation Facility- New & Repair
  5. Concrete Containment Walls

Once you have determined your project ask for examples of this type of work.

W.J. Rapp is experienced in a wide variety of concrete projects. W. J. Rapp has experienced teams of experts that can provide new concrete foundations, floors and specialty concrete jobs that meet your engineer’s specifications.

Bring us your engineered drawings & plans. Based on the type of work, we can demonstrate our experience with previous work we have done in that area. We have 100’s if not 1,000’ s of jobs we have completed.

How long has the concrete contractor been in business?

W. J. Rapp has been in business for decades. We are one of the most experienced concrete contractors in Richmond. We have self performed a wide variety of commercial and residential work. We can work closely with your engineering or architectural firm to find a solution for your required application.

Does the concrete contractor provide regular training to their employees?

W. J. Rapp prides itself on providing top notch customer service. One of the ways it does that is by constantly providing training for its employees. Many are crossed trained on different types of equipment and are proud of the quality of work they perform.

Does your concrete contractor have the equipment they need?

W. J. Rapp has an extensive fleet of equipment and multiple units of equipment that is consistently used. The familiar light yellow trucks are the sign of a team of experts equipped with the latest in tools and the absolute leading equipment in the industry. As an example, we were one of the few that had propane saws and equipment to perform inside. Now we have electric saws, & excavators to perform inside a food grade facility.

Does your concrete contractor have the proper insurance?

W. J. Rapp has insurance.

Does the concrete contractor stand behind their work?

Quality and experience is a key to any successful building project and most reputable contractors stand behind their work. At W.J. Rapp we stand behind our work.

Ask your concrete contractor for references

Ask for current references. At W.J. Rapp we will be able to give you a list of people to call who we performed similar work . We are happy to provide references and our goal is to make you a future reference.



New Electric Mini Excavator with it’s own power source!

WJ Rapp Electric Digger

Unique Features

• Fits through a 36 inch wide door opening.

• This is a total electric mini excavator

• Can work inside of hospitals, and facilities with no contamination (100% electric)

• We now have it’s own power source so we can work anywhere

• Great when you need to get the job done in a hurry

• Clean fast and efficient


Electric Concrete Saw and Excavator allow us to work where others can’t!

Our electric equipment like this Husqvarna FS 3500e floor saw with a 20″ blade and a 7.625″ cutting depth allows us to work in areas that other contractors can’t. Examples include food service, hospitals and any interior space that you are concerned about air quality. We always look for new equipment that will help us perform for you. Call us when you need work that is under a tight timeline, or you need custom work by professionals that can deliver the work based on your expectations.


WJ Rapp Electric Digger











This is a total electric mini excavator that can work inside of hospitals, and facilities with no contamination (100% electric)

Mine X -Exhaust Purifier

The mine-X exhaust purifier is an exhaust scrubbing piece of equipment that removes the harmful waste from the exhaust on diesel equipment. This allows us to take this equipment into manufacturing facilities to perform work. (food, drugs chemical plants etc.)